Monday, June 15, 2015

Credit-Card Debt Counselling Strategies: Epiphanies on the Plastic

Credit cards have long been touted as one of the hallmarks of consumer spending in a so-called “cashless society.” That emphasis on paying for goods with a simple swipe of a piece of plastic, however, may seem convenient any way you see it. Perhaps it is, until you see your monthly statement. At this point, efforts to settle arrears cannot be emphasised enough. Roma Luciw’s report for The Globe and Mail dated March 3, 2015 revealed that consumers in Canada are now saddled with more debts, with the recent oil shock compounding the problem even further. When the debts from your cards are steadily reducing your financial options, it’s time to undergo debt counselling sessions with the help of professionals such as 4Pillars consultant Blair Greenwood.

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