Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Victoria 4 Pillars: Dealing with Creditors Smartly (If You Can’t Pay)

You barely have enough to pay the rent and the thought of facing your creditors is making your knees tremble. Before you resort to filing for bankruptcy, know that there are other ways you can get out of a sticky situation. Instead of hiding from your creditors, you can make arrangements that can create a win-win for everyone. Here are smart ways to deal with your debt collectors and how you can start staying on top of your finances. Be aware of your rights. Victoria 4 Pillars consultants understand that customers often experience harassment from aggressive debt collectors. Unprofessional collection agents tend to raise their voice and threaten debtors with lawsuit should they fail to pay up and close their account. By learning about BC’s Consumer Protection rights, no intimidation can make you take irrational actions, which may further jeopardize your finances.

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